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Friday, May 27, 2011

On my mind

4:30 p.m. and the beginning of a long weekend.We have Monday off for Memorial Day. It has been ages since I have visited any family gravesites, but I think this year will be the year.

I cannot imagine the number of times each week I quote my Grandma. Many of her funny sayings are part of my lexicon. Sometimes I'll say something like, "That hat you're wearing looks like a wart on a pickle," and my husband will snort and stare at me in disbelief. What? You've never heard that one? Sheesh, I've been saying that my entire life.

It's because Grandma used to say it all the time.

She could be cantankerous and actually, quite judgmental. I looked past that, as it wasn't a child's place to question an adult in those days. But, she had some funny idioms, and for that, and for teaching me other good stuff like crocheting, and appreciating pretty things like flowers and porcelain figures, I will go place a pretty flower on hers and Grandpa's gravestone this weekend.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoroughly Disappointed Today

My daughter was informed today that her son, my grandson, Hunter, will lose not only his adaptive PE teacher immediately, but next year will lose his 1-1 occupational therapy specialist. This, to me, is unacceptable.

Do people not see past their own noses or credit card bills to the greater good anymore? Everywhere I read folks expressing their disdain for government and their wishes not to pay for anything the government provides. Frankly, I have paid taxes for years for services and infrastructure that I never used myself. But I understand the need for it.

An example is voting for school levies even though your children are grown, or you don't have children.  Education should be a high-value investment. Somehow people have lost the desire to be a part of the greater good of their community. It's dog-eat-dog, what's-in-it-for-me.

In the very near future, more and more people living with autism will be in the workplace, making a living for themselves the best way they can. These are the kids being slighted now by short-sighted voters. With the growing number of diagnoses of autism, I can only pray that people open their eyes and hearts to the reality that we all need to recognize our role in their success.