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Thursday, August 18, 2011

That great new-library-card-smell!

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Is there anything like that smell?

Yesterday was library day for Hunter and me. We try to (and usually do) go to the library every other Wednesday. We have a great system here in our area and it just got better in July with the opening of the new central building.

Hunter looks forward to our library visits so much. His first intent always is to visit the DVD section to see if there are any new train videos he hasn't seen yet. (Hey, whoever is producing those, keep it up!)

I decided it was time for Hunter to have his own library card. All these years we've been doing this, I've been checking out his materials with my card, which is okay, but I wanted him to have his own card. I'm not sure what kind of reaction I expected from this. But the process was exciting to me.

The librarian was nearly as excited as I was when I made the request. As I filled out the necessary paperwork, she told me she wanted to give him the usual schtick she gives all kids receiving their library card. Ok, I told her, but he has a bit of autism going on, and I can't guarantee you'll get any eye contact or reassurance he knows what you're talking about. He probably will get it, but you just won't know that for sure.

So I corraled him from the DVD section for the orientation. It took about 28 seconds.

"Hi, Hunter! This is your very OWN library card! Now, it's important you keep it in a safe place and always bring it with you when you come to the library, because if you want to check out books, you can't if you don't have it. So, now, would you sign the back?"

What Hunter probably heard:
"Hi Hunter! This is your ........blah blah blah...........sign the back."

He signed the card eagerly because it was a really cool Sharpie pen, but needed help spelling his last name. Then as fast as he came, he was trotting toward the stairway to, the children's floor where all the cool hands-on stuff (meant for 0-5 year olds) is. I collected the card, smiled and thanked the librarian and her misty-eyed assistants standing nearby.


  1. Awesome.

    Popped over from Rhonda's blog and I'm so glad I did.

  2. Hi there, just popped over from DTE as I haven't looked at any of your On my mind posts before. I love our local council run library and couldn't have survived without the toy library section when single parenting years ago. If I can't find a book locally they are in a network and, often for free, they can obtain a loan of that book from another participating library. I've recently discovered audio books and listen to them while I do things around the house. They are great for me for car trips also as I find them less distracting than music.
    Wishing Hunter great enjoyment from his new library card.

  3. Dear Kay,
    TFS your blog I an very attached to my library card, the card itself is over 30 years old and every time I go to the library I beg them not to update my card to the new plastic card. So far they are humouring me.

  4. Hi, just visiting from Down to Earth , from Australia. What a lovely post about your little fellow. there is nothing more magical than getting your first library card, and for Hunter it sounded even more special.

  5. Thanks,everyone for the comments! Chris, I know, right? My card is looking very retro now compared to Hunter's. I've had it since the 80's.

    Whenever I must move to a new city, the order of business is to get a local library card. THEN I can settle in.

    Libraries are such a great gift to us all!

  6. Hello :) .
    I'm visiting from Down to Earth.
    What a great post. I still remember when my girls got their first library cards.
    Such fun!

  7. I'm addicted to our library...the one addiction I am proud to admit! ;)