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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dialogues that just make you laugh

This is one:

Hunter and Pa Pa went fishing today. That's a big deal here. So beforehand, Hunter and I went to the store for fishing excursion snacks.

His current favorites are those roll-up fruit snacks. He eats them so fast it makes you fear either he's going to choke himself to death or he's a secret bulimic.

So he cons me into buying a box (containing 6 small bags) of fruit roll ups. These are not simply short rollups. I'd say totally unfurled they measure, oh, maybe 36-40 inches. He asks there in the aisle if he can have one, and I reply, "No, you can have one once we get in the car."

So on we go, finishing up the shopping,one of us all anticipatory and atwitter over the impending engorgement of rich fruit-flavored high-fructose corn syrup solids. During check-out, his eyes follow the box as the checker scans and bags it. THEN, as I'm wheeling the cart out of the line and toward the door, he asks the question I've been waiting for:

"Now can I have one, Granny?" He smacks his lips.

"When did I tell you you could have one?"

"In the car."

"Are we in the car?"

"No."  (Here's where I smile thinking about this--I love that he answered me.)

"Then what do you need to do?"

"Be patient."

That's right, Hunter...just be patient. Let those salivary glands reap the rewards of all that waiting! Gleeking will rule the day! Buckle up, rip, unroll and enjoy!

Epilogue: According to Pa Pa, the rest of the box was annihilated in about 15 minutes at the fishing hole.

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