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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Corn planting

You start with sprouted seed. I started this Sunday evening. Since I do not use paper towels at the house, I just used some drive-thru napkins I'd saved some time ago.
Then water down your planting area and poke holes with a stick or dowel or finger, 1 inch deep..
Place your seed in root-down, cover, and then----Mr. Triplesweet, I will see YOU in 79 days!


  1. Good luck with your sweet corn!

  2. Sprouted seed is better, eh? Thanks for the tip.

  3. Yum love fresh picked corn! well worth your 79 day wait, Im sure :) x

  4. Rose--I like to give the seed a boost before I put it in the ground. Then I don't have to plant any extra, "in case some don't germinate."

  5. I like the idea of sprouting as sometimes you end up with some 'dud' seeds and this sorts them out early :).