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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Granny, I want to talk about something."

I've come to discover this is what Hunter says when he wants to tell me about something that happened or he learned about at school.

We were sitting in the McDonald's parking lot last night before our library excursion when he said this. "Oh, what is it, Hunter?"

Then he began a diatribe about caterpillars. They're very hungry and thirsty. The females (I'd never heard this word uttered from his lips) lay eggs. Then they have babies and then they make a cocoon and take a long nap. They're sleepy. When they wake up they come out and they're a Monarch.

"Oh, really? What color are they?"

"They're yellow with black stripes. Then they lay eggs again. Only the mamas, not the daddies."

"So, do you have caterpillars in your classroom now, Hunter?"

Silence....he's still mulling over what he just told me. I think.

"Are they in a cage?"

"No! A jar." (silly me)

"Well that'll be exciting to watch them, won't it? You'll have to be very patient, huh?"

Silence....I think we're done with this discussion. He moves on to the toy he wants which is no longer manufactured.

He's only been in school since Aug. 30, but I'm so pleased he seems to be doing more challenging things, homework for example. He's never had any. He is volunteering information about what's going on in class where, before, you had to extract it like a stubborn tooth. This little conversation felt like a gift.

So, shout out to Hunter's teacher and any other special ed. teachers out there. You have my utmost appreciation. Thank you --- your job has shattering implications. It has profound effects on the life of your students' families, whether you realize it or not.

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