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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ten Things

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

(I really AM so easy to please!)

This post is part of Kenlie's Friend Makin' Monday at All The Weigh. Please add your answers to my blog, then visit Kenlie's and post there, too! 

1.  Seeing a Northern Flicker.

2. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (ain't gonna lie)

3. When I teach something new to Hunter that he was convinced he couldn't do.

4. Going to my hometown in early October. It's the most beautiful time to be there.

5. Sewing something without making a zillion mistakes requiring lots of ripping and pulling.

6. Sitting by a fire with my main squeeze---talking quietly, laughing.

7. Putting a meal together with little effort--from things I have on-hand or leftover---to great acclaim!

8. My little space heater beneath my desk.

9. When my cat rubs her chin against my chin. 

10. Picking and using vegetables from my own garden, and making my own yogurt.

Now it's your turn---I'd love to see your answers!!

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