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Thursday, June 16, 2011

On My Mind

This post will be attached to Rhonda's On My Mind at Down---to---Earth.

Right now on my mind is this old watch my Dad gave me years ago. It has the inscription of his great aunt's name and the date 1894. It's beautifully ingraved with her initials scrolled on one side and a bird and flowers on the front in tri-colored gold. Sorry about the photo...bad batteries. I may replace later.

I've been thinking how I've kept this beautiful item locked away for years, and now am considering giving it to my daughter for Christmas now that she's about the age I was when it was given to me. It makes me think of the beauty we all have, the shining gifts God has given us, that we should not lock away, but share with others always.

Being a late bloomer, I hope I've instilled in my girls the strength and courage to step out of their comfort zones and be their authentic selves, live life to the fullest, before they're old like me!


  1. How nice to retrieve a treasure from the past that has such lovely memories. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate your gesture and treasure your treasure and continue to pass it down the family chain.
    Have a nice day

  2. Nice thing to do, passing down the watch to your daughter will bring history to life for her. Hope she enjoy it. Have a beautiful weekend,


  3. What a delightful little treasure, I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled.

  4. How exquisite! I'm sure your daughter would be delighted and honoured to have this family heirloom passed into her care. Thanks for visiting my blog as well.