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Saturday, June 11, 2011

So proud of my Grandson today

The city sponsored a wonderful Get Outdoors day today. I took Hunter, my grandson who lives with autism. We like to do outdoorsy stuff together. Here he is rock climbing and doing some archery. They also had fishing.

He climbed "the mountain" about halfway when he began to panic a bit, so he came down. I was still so proud that he tried (it was his idea, surprisingly). He really is growing!

He is braver now than he's ever been before. Last year I doubt he'd have tried this.
The ladies and gentlemen who helped in the activities were awesome---so patient!

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  1. What a heartening story... I hope Hunter goes from this to even braver achievements. As a teacher I can rejoice in small steps because for some children, they are huge steps. Well done, Hunter.