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Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Highlight

This is what my life has come 'round to:

My weekly trip to the Vancouver Farmers' Market is the highlight of my entire week.

Smell that kettle corn, that fresh giant basil, the gyros, and of course the coffee.

Marvel at the richly-colored patchworks of fresh vegetables on display.

Drool over handmade jewelry.

I enjoy talking to the vendors and seeing what's new. There might be something I haven't tried before, and sometimes the farmers vendors will make a recipe suggestion to encourage me to buy something different. Cherries were so beautiful this spring, and I bought Lapin cherries simply to eat out of hand. But one of the vendors had a recipe for cherry chutney, so I tried that. Wow! Was it awesome on pork tenderloin. Actually, it was pretty good simply on a cracker!

Are you a Farmers' Market fan? PBS Food writer Lauren Jones offers tips for shopping at farmers' markets on their blog. At the same site you can find out what kind of farmers' market shopper you are. (Humbly I report I am considered an "expert.")

Farmers' markets are good for the community. It's a happy place. If you haven't tried one yet, do.

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